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Rev. Lonnie Ingram II

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Rev. Lonnie Ingram II was born January 30, 1979 in Des Moines, IA. Educated in Des Monies as well, it was often clear that there was a great purpose in his life. With praying Grandparents showing him the way to God and a Mother and Father who taught him right from wrong, Rev. Ingram did his best to live life in complete opposite of the Word of God and the rules of his parents. He was determined to be apart of the "In Crowd" no matter what that required of him. Blessed with the Gift of music, Rev. Ingram joined the High School choir and excelled in singing and earned top honors thanks to Ms. Mary Lee Barnett and Elder James McNear Jr.! Ms Barnett gave him hope and Elder McNear gave him Jesus! Elder McNear allowed Rev. Ingram to join the Iowa COGIC Jurisdictional Choir January 1, 1997 as a "Sinner". Rev. Ingram continued his sinful ways but never missed a Wednesday night State Choir rehearsal. Often times rehearsal turned into a revival, but Rev. Ingram would often leave still rejecting God and His word. Fast forward to Thursday, April 17, 1997. A close friend of Minister Ingram's named Elder Damion Rutues agreed to take Rev. Ingram to Faith Tabernacle COGIC for a revival that was going on that night. The Preacher , Elder R.J. Thornton was really laying it on the congregation with the Word. When he called for the Prayer line that night many went up, and Rev. Ingram felt a tug at his heart. After a Holy Ghost shove by his close friend Elder Rutues, Rev. Ingram gave his life to Christ. He accepted his calling to preach in 2001 and was licensed to preach at New Friendship COGIC under the late Supt. Richard L. Daye. For the last 15+ years Rev. Ingram has been sharing the gospel in many churches and events whether in Song or Preached word.

He is currently under the covering of Rev. Moses A. Ward Sr, Pastor of Friendship Baptist Church where he serves as the Director of Christian Education. Rev. Ingram is married to the  Love of his life, Mrs. Shondale Ingram. They are blessed to be the Parents of four and the Grandparents of one.

  December 2017  
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